Application Checklist


  1. Review the list of Faculty and select up to 3 faculty with whom you have interests in common and identify at least 1 prospective advisor among them.
    Note: These faculty will be consulted in our review of your application.
  2. Contact prospective advisors. Ideally this should be done before the deadline.
  3. Apply online to the graduate school, including the following components.
    • Official GRE General test scores.
    • Official Transcripts.
    • 1 “Statement of Purpose” Essay (no 2nd “Fellowship” essay is needed. See additional information).
  4. Send electronically to our department (preferably as email attachments to the Graduate Program Assistant; if this is not possible, then hard copies can be mailed to the Graduate Program Assistant):
    • CV (See additional information)
      • Include prospective advisors, and the faculty identified in the 1st step above
      • Include GRE scores from the General test
      • Include a summary of your GPA, overall and science and/or biology.
      • International students should also include TOEFL scores.
    • Supplemental information including theses and/or papers (See additional information)