Fiscal Office

The main email for the Biology Fiscal Office is:

Accountant/Manager – John Dew
(352) 273-0136

Fiscal Assistant – Lelia Long
(352) 392-1108

Fiscal Assistant – Claudette Coleman
(352) 273-0124

OPS Fiscal Assistant – Kyra Riley

All departmental forms can be found on the Biology SharePoint at this link.

Fiscal Assistant – Representative Assignment

: A through J
Lelia Long: K through P
: Q through Z

Fiscal assignment is based on your advisor’s or supervisor’s first letter of their last name.

I am a Research Assistant in Dr. Marta Wayne’s lab, and I need to submit a Travel Authorization for an upcoming conference. Who do I contact for assistance?

Advisor/Supervisor: Dr. Marta Wayne
First Letter of Last Name: W
Fiscal Assistant:

Proposal Processing Submission Procedures

For all proposals or funding applications, make sure the following documents are submitted to Biology’s Grants Assistant no later than 5 business days prior to the agency’s submission deadline, and 7 business days if there is cost share. (Often only forms A thru D are needed) These forms can be found at this link.

  • A. DSP-1: signed by PI, Co-PI(s), and Key Personnel.
  • B. Financial Conflict of Interest: signed by PI, Co-PI(s), and Key Personnel. Please note: There is a COI form specifically for NSF, and one for all other agencies.
  • C. Budget & Budget Justification
  • D. Project Summary/Statement of Work
  • E. Letter Validating Ph.D. Candidacy (for dissertation proposals only).
  • F. CLAS Cost Sharing Information and Form, if needed.
    1. Information:
    2. Form:
  • G. Cost Sharing Commitment Letter, if needed (This is for cost sharing from outside source. It must state what’s being committed, and provide a dollar value of the worth).
  • H. Current IACUC or IRB approval letter, if needed. Submission Timeline (Person submitting the proposal will be notified on the progression of the timeline)
  • A. Paperwork Submitted to Grants Assistant.
  • B. Grants Assistant reviews Budget, Justification, & all other paperwork.
  • C. Grants Assistant sends paperwork to Biology Chair & Dean’s Office for signatures.
  • D. Once both signatures are obtained, completed paperwork is forwarded to UF Proposal Processing for submission to the agency.

Grants Assistant Contact Information

Biology Grants Email:

Biology Grants Assistant: TBD