Fraser Lab Publishes Study on Dental Stem Cells

An important new paper describing the development of shark teeth has been published in Nature Scientific Reports by Biology Assistant Professor, Gareth Fraser.  One remarkable feature of shark teeth is that they are continually replaced whereas humans have only two… Read More

Biology grad students receive dissertation awards

Two Ph.D. students in Biology, Harrison Jones and Patrick Milligan, will receive Dissertation Fellowships during Spring 2020 funded by the Charles Vincent and Heidi Cole McLaughlin Endowment to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  Both are Ph.D. students in… Read More

Sargasso Research

Nerine Constant and Alexandra Gulick recently returned from a very successful expedition on a Greenpeace research vessel in the Sargasso Sea where they evaluated the thermal properties of Sargassum mats — important developmental habitat for sea turtles — and how those properties… Read More

Christine Schnitzler Publishes on Regeneration in Science

Christine Schnitzler, Assistant Professor of Biology, has published an important new study in Science on regeneration in Hydra, a tiny freshwater cnidarian (related to jellyfish) known for its ability to regenerate its entire body after injury.   Together with colleagues from… Read More

Emily Sessa Receives Emerging Leaders Award!

Biology Assistant Professor Emily Sessa is the recipient of the 2019 Emerging Leaders Award from the Botanical Society of America (BSA).  In awarding her this honor, the BSA describes Emily as, “…one of the brightest botanical stars of her generation…… Read More

Ant-Plant Mutualism Press Release

Palmer Lab’s recent research in ant-plant mutualism: In a study published May 16 in the journal Ecology, University of Florida researchers Ryan Tamashiro and biology professor Todd Palmer show that ant-protected plants are much more vulnerable to herbivores during the… Read More