Marta L Wayne

Ph.D. Princeton University, 1994

427 Bartram Hall
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Research Interests

I study the maintenance of genetic variation, because without it, populations can not evolve. There are two ubiquitous and contradictory observations about traits in natural populations: there is genetic variation for almost every trait ever tested, and most traits are under natural selection. These observations are contradictory, because we expect natural selection to erode genetic variation. Why then does variation persist? I use the model organism Drosophila melanogaster. I’m interested in evolutionary quantitative genetics, gene expression, genetical genomics, the evolution of sexual dimorphism, and host-parasite coevolution.

Representative Publications

WAYNE, M. L., M. TELONIS-SCOTT, L. BONO, L. HARSHMAN, A. KOPP, S. V. NUZHDIN and L. M. MCINTYRE 2007. Simpler mode of inheritance of transcriptional variation in male Drosophila melanogaster. PNAS 104: 18577-18582.

A. M. GENISSEL, L. M. MCINTYRE, M. L. WAYNE, and S. V. NUZHDIN 2008. Cis and trans regulatory effects contribute to the natural variation of gene expression profile in Drosophila melanogaster. Molecular Biology and Evolution 25: 101-110.

M. TELONIS-SCOTT, A. KOPP, M. L. WAYNE, S. V. NUZHDIN and L. M. MCINTYRE 2009. Sex-specific splicing in Drosophila: Widespread occurrence, tissue-specificity, and evolutionary conservation. Genetics 181: 421-434.

L. T. CRUMMETT and M. L. WAYNE 2009. Comparing fecundity in parthenogenetic versus sexual populations of the freshwater snail Campeloma limum: is there a two-fold cost of sex? Invertebrate Biology (p 1-8)
 DOI: 10.1111/j.1744-7410.2008.00150.x

S. V. NUZHDIN, J. A. BRISSON, A. PICKERING, M. L. WAYNE, L. G. HARSHMAN and L. M. MCINTYRE 2009. Natural genetic variation in transcriptome reflects network structure inferred with major effect mutations: insulin / TOR and associated phenotypes in Drosophila melanogaster. BMC Genomics 2009, 10:124.

R. M. GRAZE, L. M. MCINTYRE, B. J. MAIN, M. L. WAYNE, and S. V. NUZHDIN 2009. Regulatory divergence in Drosophila melanogaster and D. simulans, a genome-wide analysis of allele-specific expression, Genetics 183: 547-561.

Current Graduate Students

NameEmailResearch Interest Frank Bouchard fab22@ufl.eduConservation genetics Carol Chaffee cchaffee@ufl.eduPhylogenetics and population genetics of monarch butterflies

Current Postdocs and Visitors

NameEmailResearch Interest Marina Ascunce ascunce@ufl.eduCo-evolution, Genomics, Phylogeography Download CV