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Evaluating the landscape of fear between apex predatory sharks and mobile sea turtles across a large dynamic seascape

Does shark predation change sea turtle movements? Surprisingly, no! This paper is coauthored by Mike Frick, Teaching Lab Specialist, Department of Biology, UF.  Read the article here!

Paris Grey

Empty Bench Syndrome

Paris Grey’s article, Empty Bench Syndrome, beautifully captures the bittersweet nature of academia: that our goal as educators is to make our students leave us. Her article made the front… Read More


Are humans causing a sixth mass extinction?

UF Biologist says yes, but it’s not too late to reverse the trend— yet. Read more here: original paper, Washington Post  


Congratulations to the winning team! Assistant Professor Emily Sessa and co-PIs awarded NSF Grant.

Dr. Emily Sessa and co-PIs Dr. Gordon Burleigh, Dr. Stuart McDaniel, and Dr. Christine Davis have received notice that a proposal titled “Collaborative Research: Building a Comprehensive Evolutionary History of Flagellate… Read More