Jack Ewel, Emeritus Faculty, elected as Honorary Fellow of the Association for Tropical Biology & Conservation

Joining the ranks of Theodosius Dobzhansky, George Gaylord Simpson, et alia, Jack Ewel has been elected as an Honorary Fellow of ATBC! This is the highest honor conveyed by the… Read More

Evolution Sci

Creating Scientific Knowledge

In this invited “Soapbox Essay”, Eminent Scholar Robert D. Holt explains how we arrive at explanations for scientific phenomenon using climate change as an example. He uses a metaphor of… Click Here


Systematic Reviews of Forestry & Landscapes Management Workshop

Biology’s Jack Putz and Claudia Romero organized a Systematic Reviews of Forestry & Landscapes Management Workshop in collaboration with the Florida Climate Institute and the REDD+ Forest Policy & Economics… Read More


Congratulations to Jake Ferguson and Jose Miguel Ponciano!

Grad student Jake Ferguson and Biology faculty member José Miguel Ponciano recently had an article appear in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences http://www.pnas.org/content/112/9/2782.abstract “Environmental stochasticity” is an important… Read More


Congratulations to Charles Baer on recent paper “Scaling, Selection, and Evolutionary Dynamics of the Mitotic Spindle”

Mitosis, the precise division of the nucleus, is required for multicellular life. Unsurprisingly then, mitosis has remained essentially the same over approximately two billion years of evolution. However, the individual… Read More