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Pedagogy and International Education

Zoology PhD alumna Dr. Catalina Pimiento just published an article in the journal in Evolution: Education and Outreach about her pedagogical innovations to promote international science literacy in a blended… Read More

Tree of Life .org

UF Faculty Working on the Tree of Life

UF scientists Doug Soltis, Brian Drew, Ruchi Chaudhary, and Gordon Burleigh contributed to a multi-institutional effort to construct a tree of life describing the relationships among ~2.3 million species. The… Read More


UF Biology faculty, David Oppenheimer, coauthored Getting In: The Insider’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Undergraduate Research Experience with UF research scientist, Paris Grey.

Getting In was written for undergraduates in STEM who are considering undergraduate research as part of their curriculum. Getting In was written to help students start their search by first… Read More

Kent V.

Alabama hunters are killing huge gators off the Gulf Coast. Is that a good thing?

UF alligator biologist Dr. Kent Vliet, lab coordinator of the Department of Biology discussed the drawbacks of hunting large gators.  Read more: Washington Post