Spring 2018

Course Section Course Title / Syllabus Instructor(s)
BOT 4935, BSC 2930, & ZOO 4926 Introduction to Natural History Collections
BOT 5725-Taxonomy of Vascular Plants
BOT 6935 & ZOO 6927 - Origin of Species Seminar
BOT 6935 Plant Biochemistry
BOT2800C-Plants in Human Affairs
BOT6935 & ZOO6927 GrantWriting.
BOT6935 & ZOO6927 Phylogenomics 2018
BOT6935 & ZOO6927 – Phylogenomics
BSC 1920 FYI - First Year Introduction to Biology at UF
BSC 2005 – Biological Sciences for Non-Majors (online)
BSC 2011 – Integrated Principles of Biology II
BSC 2011 – Integrated Principles of Biology II (PHPB)
BSC 3402-Theory and Practice in the Bio- Sci
BSC2010_SIntegrated Principles of Biology I
BSC3096_Human Physiology-online
BSC3911 – Principles of Undergraduate Research
BSC4936-Critical Analysis of Biological Research
ISC2400L X-LAB 1_v1a
ISC2401L X-LAB 2_v1a
ISC3523-Integrative Biomedical Science
PCB 4674 Evolution_v1
PCB 6447C & ZOO4926 Community Ecology
PCB-3063-Genetics-Section 4462
PCB3601C_ Plant Ecology,
PCB3713C-Cellular and Systems Physiology
PCB4723C-Physiology and Molecular Bio of Animals
PCB4917, Molecular and Genetic Responses to Environmental Stress
ZOO 4205C-Invertebrate Biodiversity on Coral Reefs
ZOO 4926 -The Physiology of Environmental Change
ZOO 4926 Animal Behavior Syllabus
ZOO 4926 Cancer Biology
ZOO 4926 – The Physiology of Environmental Change
ZOO 4926, 6927-Island Biogeography
ZOO3713-Functional Vertebrate Anatomy
ZOO4472- Avian Biology
ZOO4926 & ZOO6927-Biodeversity Theory
ZOO4926_Genomics and Biotechnology