Ponciano Lab Publishes Study on Anthrax

An important advance in understanding the population dynamics of infectious disease was published by Biology Associate Professor José Miguel Ponciano in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.   Using field collected data from Namibia on plains zebra and coalescence… Read More

International Awards in Biology

Each year the International Center and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences recognize the accomplishments of international students and faculty at the University of Florida. This year members of Biology received many of these special awards.  Tom Hladish, Ph.D.… Read More

Congratulations to Aaron Sandoval!

Multiple award-winning Biology undergraduate Aaron Sandoval (CLAS scholarship, Goldwater scholarship) has now won a Marshall scholarship to study at the University of Cambridge for one year and King’s College London for a second year. This is only the second Marshall scholarship awarded to… Read More

Emily Sessa receives new grant from NASA

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has awarded $1.2 million to Emily Sessa, who will lead a collaborative, multi-institution team in a study of the “fern spore spike”, a phenomenon in the fossil record in which fern spores are disproportionately highly… Read More

Fraser Lab Publishes Study on Dental Stem Cells

An important new paper describing the development of shark teeth has been published in Nature Scientific Reports by Biology Assistant Professor, Gareth Fraser.  One remarkable feature of shark teeth is that they are continually replaced whereas humans have only two… Read More

Biology grad students receive dissertation awards

Two Ph.D. students in Biology, Harrison Jones and Patrick Milligan, will receive Dissertation Fellowships during Spring 2020 funded by the Charles Vincent and Heidi Cole McLaughlin Endowment to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  Both are Ph.D. students in… Read More