Installing the Mac driver for the Xerox® PrintSmart printers

  1. Obtain the most up to date driver by going to the Xerox® Support & Drivers page. That link will open a new tab so you can keep this page open for further instructions.
  2. Refer to the table below for the printer model you wish to print to then search for that printer model on the Xerox® Support & Drivers page that was linked above.
    Printer Model
    IP address
    2nd Floor, 228 BAR – Mailroom (Color) WorkCentre 7855
    3rd Floor, 324 BAR – Ultra Low Temp Room Phaser 3635MFP-X1
    4th Floor, 425 BAR – Darkroom Phaser 3635MFP-X1
    5th Floor, 525 BAR Phaser 3635MFP-X1
    6th Floor, 628 BAR – Grad Lounge (Color) ColorQube 8900X
    Stockroom, B10-A BAR (Restricted use) Phaser 3635MFP-X1
    Fiscal Office, 223 BAR (Restricted use) Phaser 3635MFP-X1
  3. Once you get to the Drivers & Download page for that model make sure you select your Operating System from the drop-down menu in order to be taken to the correct page. NOTE: El Capitan thru High Sierra are all supported by one driver but Yosemite and below will will require a different driver depending on which Mac OS version you are running.
  4. Once you get to the download page select the Mac OS Common Print Driver Installer, accept the agreement, and save the file it offers you rather than simply opening it. It will give you a Disk Image file which contains the installer package.