BS Coordinator: Combination degree coordinator, Dept of Biology
MS Coordinator: Graduate coordinator, Dept of Biology
Faculty Mentor: Dept of Biology graduate faculty

Additional prerequisites: None

Grad Electives (additional courses may be included with pre-approval from the Combination Degree Coordinator and Dept of Biology Graduate Coordinator)

BOT 5225C Plant Anatomy, 4 CR
BOT 5305 Paleobotany, 3 CR
BOT 5505C Intermediate Plant Physiology, 3 CR
BOT 5625 Plant Geography, 2 CR
BOT 5655C Physiological Plant Ecology, 3 CR
BOT 5685C Tropical Botany, 5 CR
BOT 5695C Ecosystems of Florida, 3 CR
BOT 5725C Taxonomy of Vascular Plants, 4 CR
PCB 5046C Advanced Ecology, 3 CR
PCB 5338 Principles of Ecosystem Ecology, 3 CR
PCB 5356 Tropical Ecology, 3 CR
PLP 6656C Fungal Biology, 4 CR
BOT 6656 Plant Symbiosis, 3 CR
BSC 6038 Broader Impacts of Science on Society, 2 CR
PCB 6675C Evolutionary Biogeography, 3 CR
ZOO 6930 Seminar in Molecular Evolution, 2 CR