BS Coordinator: Combination degree coordinator, Dept of Biology
MS Coordinator: Graduate coordinator, Dept of Biology
Faculty Mentor: Dept of Biology graduate faculty

Additional prerequisites: None

Grad Electives (additional courses may be included with pre-approval from the Combination Degree Coordinator and Dept of Biology Graduate Coordinator)

BSC 6038 Broader Impacts of Science on Society, 2 CR
PCB 5307C Limnology, 4 CR
PCB 5415C Behavioral Ecology, 4 CR
PCB 5615 Molecular Evolution and Systematics, 4 CR
PCB 6049 Seminar in Ecology 1-3 CR (max 3 CR)
PCB 6377C Physiological Ecology of Vertebrates, 4 CR
PCB 6447C Community Ecology, 4 CR
PCB 6675C Evolutionary Biogeography, 3 CR
PCB 6695 Seminar in Evolutionary Biology, 1 CR (max 3 CR)
ZOO 5115C Vertebrate Paleontology, 3 CR
ZOO 5486C Mammalogy, 4 CR
ZOO 6005 Integrative Principles of Zoology, 4 CR
ZOO 6308 Dynamic Optimization Modeling in Behavioral and Evolutionary Ecology, 3 CR
ZOO 6406 Biology of Sea Turtles, 3 CR
ZOO 6456C Ichthyology, 4 CR
ZOO 6542 Nutritional Ecology, 3 CR
ZOO 6930 Seminar in Molecular Evolution, 2 CR
ZOO 6931 Seminar in Marine Turtle Biology, 1-2 CR (max 3 CR)
ZOO 6939 Seminar in Animal Behavior 1-3 CR (max 3 CR)