Immersion Spring 2020 Homepage

Welcome to The Home Page of the Semester of Immersion!

The Department of Biology is offering students the opportunity to engage in authentic research-based courses in various areas of biology.  Instead of spending the spring term taking a typical 12-credit load with courses meeting two to three times per week, the immersion semester consists of courses that meet daily over 5 weeks, giving you the time and flexibility to get more deeply involved in the subject. You can choose to go to cool field sites or immerse yourself in a molecular lab. You will produce and analyze real data, and have a lot of fun doing actual research!

The immersion courses count toward core degree requirements in the Botany, Zoology, and Marine Science programs and as Additional Life Science electives for Biology majors.

For many of the courses, it is possible to take traditional face-to-face and online courses while taking one or more of the Immersion courses. Please contact the Biology Major Program assistant, at for more information.

In order to enroll in the Semester of Immersion, you must first complete a short application. Please follow a link to the application: here!

Application deadline: Friday, September 27th 11:59pm

Spring 2020 Features 9 courses

This slate of courses includes both field and laboratory intensive experiences using a wide array of research approaches such field observation, sample collection and processing, DNA extraction, protein analysis, as well as the analytic tools you need to draw conclusions from the data you collect. Explore each course to learn what it entails! You can find course details by either clicking the course name below, or selecting the course on the left sidebar list.

Enroll for one, two or three courses, but no more than one from each session:

Session 1: January 6 – February 7 


Research Skills with Arduino and R 

Molecular and Genetic responses to environmental stress

treetop biodiversity


Session 2: February 10 – March 20

Invertebrate Biodiversity on Coral Reefs

phage genomics

Desert Biodiversity


Session 3: March 23 – April 22



Biodiversity of Southern Africa 

Plant genomics

In order to register for the program, you must complete a short application: link HERE.