Biodiversity of Southern Africa

Session 3

Biodiversity of Southern Africa – 4 credits PCB4460

Immerse yourself in the stunning savannas and deserts of southern Africa! This course is focused on the animals, plants, and landscapes of this region. We will start on UF’s campus for introductory lectures, and then travel to southern Africa for a four-week study abroad experience. We will visit biological field stations, research sites, biodiversity collections, and national parks, while driving along an ecological gradient through several biomes (including savanna, montane grassland, wetland, desert, and shrubland). Students will learn about the ecology, climate, and iconic floras and animal communities of this region, from two professors who have extensive experience working in southern Africa. We will collect data at several sites along our route, comparing and contrasting the effects of changing environments on the plants and animals present at each location.

Instructors: Emily Sessa | | and Nick Keiser | |

Format: Intro activities and lectures at UF, study abroad and field research in Africa.

Notes: Tuition fees still apply, but there are no additional course fees for participating in this course! All additional costs (transportation to and within southern Africa, lodging, food, etc.) will be covered by a grant provided to one of the instructors.

Class Meeting Time (while at UF): M,T,W,R,F | Period 6 – 9 (12:50 PM – 4:55 PM)

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 Applications were due Friday, September 27th 11:59pm | Applications are no longer accepted at this time- this course is full.

For accepted applicants: An additional application is due by October 15th to secure your spot in the course. Please see this link from the University of Florida International Center regarding the application: click here!