Plant Diversity

Session 1

Plant Diversity – 4 credits PCB4460

This course surveys the biological diversity of modern algae and land plants, with an eye toward understanding why studying plant diversity is important in our modern society. We will cover the traditional classification of plants, the evolutionary processes that generate biodiversity, and critically evaluate perceived threats to biodiversity. The course will include field trips to the Gulf and Atlantic coasts, Archbold Biological Station, and the mountains of North Carolina so that students can see examples of the species and experience first-hand the biological processes we discuss. We will develop a timeline of the main events in the history of photosynthetic organisms, an overview of their diversity, and a conceptual understanding of the processes that generate and maintain diversity.

Instructor: Stuart McDaniel |213 Bartram Hall |

Format: Daily lectures, projects, discussion, fieldtrips, wrap-ups.

Required Text: TBA

Expected costs: roughly $350 for overnight trips, lodging, and excursions.

Class Meeting Time (while at UF): T,R | Period 2 – 5 (8:30 AM – 12:35 PM)

Tentative Dates for Field Experience:  During the last week of class, February 2nd- February 9th.

This course has a limited number of seats –apply today to ensure your spot! To apply click this link: here! 

Applications are due Friday, November 17th, 2017 by 11:59pm.