Molecular and Genetic Responses to Environmental Stress

Session 2

Molecular and Genetic Responses to Environmental Stress-4 Credits PCB4917

Natural and man-made changes in the environment can put tremendous stress on the ability of organisms to maintain homeostasis, affecting human health, agriculture, and biodiversity. You are invited to come explore fundamental principles of cellular homeostasis and learn modern molecular and genetic research tools that are revealing unprecedented insights into how cells detect environmental stress and activate protective genes/ proteins.

Instructor: Keith Choe | 321 Bartram Hall|

Format: Introductory activities and lectures, laboratory research, fieldtrips in Florida.

Notes: Est. cost to attend: $300 for reagents and field trips.

This course has a limited number of seats- apply toady to ensure your spot! To apply click this link: here!

Applications are due Friday, November 17th, 2017 by 11:59pm.

Tentative Course schedule:  Class will meet in Carr Hall 110 T,W,R,F | Period 3 – 4 (9:35 AM – 11:30 AM) and R,F | Period 5 (11:45 AM – 12:35 PM)

Week 1 (2/12/18)
Lecture and discussions – introductions; syllabus; review of basic cell, gene, and protein structure and function; methods in molecular biology
Lab – model organisms and introduction to C. elegans, C. elegans anatomy, life cycle, and behavior; PCR and DNA primer design
Fieldtrip – UF ICBR tour

Week 2 (2/19/18)
Lecture and discussions – introduction to stress, negative feedback, gene regulation, protein regulation, and cell signaling, the heat shock response
Lab – PCR, semi-quantitative and qPCR of the heat-shock response
Fieldtrip – UF aquatic toxicology labs

Week 3 (2/26/18)
Lecture and discussions – introduction to stress responses (Nrf, insulin/IGF-like)
Lab – transgene reporters as markers for gene and proteins (microscopy and sorting)
End of lectures exam

Week 4 (3/5/18) – SPRING BREAK

Week 5 (3/12/18)
Lecture and discussions – student-led discussions of stress responses
Lab – analysis of transcriptomic data, student projects
Fieldtrip – UF pharmacogenomics lab

Week 6 (3/20/18)
Lab – student projects and presentations