Session 3

 Ichthyology- 4 credits- PCB4460/ ZOO6456C

This graduate and undergraduate course will examine the diversity of fishes in the southeastern U.S. with an emphasis on Florida. Lectures, lab work, and research will take place on the UF campus during two of the five weeks and at three field stations on the Florida coast during the other three weeks: Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience near St. Augustine, Seahorse Key Marine Laboratory near Cedar Key, and the Florida State University Coastal & Marine Laboratory near St. Teresa. All three stations have overnight facilities and laboratories for specimen examination and research activities. A diversity of marine, estuarine and freshwater habitats will be visited around each field station to explore the breadth of habitats and diversity of fishes in the region. In addition to phylogenetic relationships and identification, lectures, labs and research will emphasize the morphological, behavioral, and ecological adaptations of fishes living in different environments, with an emphasis on fishes encountered during field excursions.

Instructor: Larry M. Page| 282 Dickinson Hall |Email:

Format: Daily lectures and labs at UF and coastal field stations, individual or group research projects

Required text: TBA

Class Meeting Time (while at UF): M,W,F | Period 3 – 6 (9:35 AM – 1:40 PM)

Estimated cost: ~$400- includes travel and lodging.

Tentative Course Schedule:

Week Location Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 (3/26) UF, Whitney Lab Carr 110 (course preview) Whitney Whitney Whitney Whitney
2 (4/2) UF, FSU Carr 110 (project discussions) FSU FSU FSU FSU
3 (4/9) UF Carr 110 (project discussions) UF UF UF UF
4 (4/16) UF, Seahorse Carr 110  (project discussions) Seahorse Seahorse Seahorse Seahorse
5 (4/23) UF Carr 110 Carr 110 (project presentations) Carr 110 Reading Day Reading Day

*Note: Time at Whitney, FSU and Seahorse Key field stations will be split among lectures, fieldwork, specimen identification, and data generation for individual projects.  Time on campus (Carr 110) will be split among lectures, labs, discussions and project presentations.

This course has a limited number of seats –apply today to ensure your spot! To apply click this link: here! 

Applications are due Friday, November 17th, 2017 by 11:59pm.