Graduate Special Topics Spring 2019

principles of systematic biology

ZOO6927, class# 21112 & BOT6726C, class# 11646

Instructor: Dr. Emily Sessa Credits: 04

Class meetings:   Mon. Wed. &  Fri., per. 3  &  Fri., per. 4-5 (Discussion/lab)

Text Recommended: Tree Thinking, An Introduction to Phylogenetic Biology Baum & Smith. W.H. Freeman, 2012.. Additional readings from the primary literature will be posted as PDFs on Canvas.

Brief Description:
Theory of biological classification and taxonomic practice. Laboratory experience in taxonomic
procedures and techniques, including computer methods.  Syllabus attached

sea level rise & coastal ecology: science policy & practice (Coastal conservation)

BOT6935, class# 22385

Instructor: Dr. Francis Putz  Credits: 03

Class meetings:   TBA

Brief Description:
Tprovide students a firm grounding in the science, law & policy, and economics associated with sea-level rise and climate change in the Nature Coast region through an interdisciplinary and experiential collaborative approach. This course will combine classroom lectures and disciplinary integration with an intensive field experience. Sessions will focus on ecological, coastal and marine issues through field-based immersion, practitioner lectures, and reflective discussions in an interdisciplinary context. Student teams will verbalize and defend their findings and recommendations in a open forum designed to highlight their learning.  Syllabus attached