Graduate Special Topics Spring 2018


BOT6935/ZOO6927 section 09A2 & 09A3

Instructor: Dr. Ponciano and Dr. Sessa

Credits: 03
Class meetings: Monday, Wednesday & Friday, periods 8-9; 211 Bartram Hall
Text Recommended: Required readings will be posted on Canvas.

Brief Description:
An advanced course in phylogenetic methods and theory, focusing on coalescent methods, their statistical background, and techniques for analyzing datasets of many taxa and loci. See attached syllabus.

Origin of species seminar

BOT6935/ZOO6927 section 09A2 & 09A3

Instructor: Dr. Sessa

Credits: 01
Class meetings: To be determined
Text Recommended: On the Origin of Species: A Facsimile of the First Edition. Harvard paperbacks. ISBN-13: 978-0674637528, ISBN-10: 0674637526. This edition of the book is required!

Brief Description:
We will discuss Charles Darwin’s book On the Origin of Species, a work that is the cornerstone of modern evolutionary biology.  See attached syllabus.

florida vertebrate paleontology

ZOO6927 section 2H34

Instructor: Dr. Bloch and Dr. Hulbert

Credits: 02
Class meetings: Tuesday, periods 6-7; Turlington Hall, Rm# 2328
Optional Text: Fossil Vertebrates of Florida.  Edited by Richard C. Hulbert, Jr. University Press of Florida, February, 2001. Hardbound; 384 pages; 341 drawings and black and white photographs; glossary; index; and references. ISBN 0-8130-1822-6

Brief Description:

Come help us dig up fossils! This special topics course is designed to provide an overview of Florida fossil vertebrates through weekly lectures and discussions plus direct experience with vertebrate paleontology fieldwork in Florida. We will be especially focused on digging at a late Miocene fossil vertebrate locality close to Williston, Florida.  See Download Flyer and attached syllabus.

grant writing seminar
BOT6935/ZOO6927 section: DEPTX

Instructor: Dr. Rebecca Kimball

Credits: 02
Class meetings: Tuesday, periods 3-4; 521 Bartram Hall
Text Recommended: No Textbook Required

Brief Description:
To introduce graduate students to the process of grant writing for various different
types of grants (Sigma Xi, moderate-sized grants, NSF grants). Course is geared at early career graduate students, either MS or PhD. The class is open to students of any department, though the focus will be in the biological sciences. See attached syllabus.

plant biochemistry

BOT6935, section 1E55

Instructor: Dr. Harmon, Dr. Koch, Dr. Rathinasabapathi and Dr. McCarty

Credits: 04
Class meetings: Mon., Tues., Wed.,  & Thurs., period 4; 236 Cancer/Genetics Research Complexl
Text Recommended: 1. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology of Plants, Second edition, print or electronic version, 2015, Wiley Blackwell
2. A general biochemistry textbook – Check online booksellers for inexpensive older versions. The following two are free online – Biochemistry, 5th edition, by Berg, Tymoczko and Stryer, New York: WH Freeman, 2002,
Principles of Biochemistry, 2nd edition, by Lehninger, Nelson, and Cox, New York: Worth, 1992

Brief Description:
The course is intended for students in the plant sciences. Topics are taught in the
context of plant biology. Successful completion of this course will provide students
with fundamental knowledge of biochemistry and specific knowledge of compounds
and biochemical pathways that occur in plants. See attached syllabus.