Congratulations to this year’s student recipients of the MFT, Thesis, and Biology scholarships!

Biology Department
Spring 2020 MFT Award winners:

1st place: Matei Caeleap
2nd runner up: David Adelhelm
3rd runner ups: Kayli Sieber & Dawson Houghtaling

Winners by Topic category:

Cell Biology: Matei Caeleap

Molecular Biology & Genetics: Matei Caeleap & Sarah Nestler

Organismal Biology: David Adelhelm

Population Biology, Evolution, and Ecology: Cullen Smith, Morgan LaMarc, & Rachel Lotze

Scholarship Recipients and Thesis Winners:

Thomas J. Coady Memorial Scholarship: Sydney Means

Winona Jordan Undergraduate Botany Scholarship: Tina Yang.

Thesis winners and runner-ups:

1st place: Aaron Sandoval
2nd place: Nicole Bender
3rd place: Amy LikamWa