Craig Warren Osenberg


Ph.D. Michigan State University (Kellogg Biological Station), 1988

Research Interests

I am a population and community ecologist, working in freshwater and marine systems. I combine field observation, laboratory and field experimentation, mathematical modeling, and quantitative synthesis. My basic research aims to challenge existing dogma and advance new theoretical insights, while at the same time using innovative tools to solve environmental problems related to the management of aquatic resources. My recent research projects examine: (1) fish population dynamics: the role of stage-structure, spatial structure, and the effects of density dependence; (2) the development and application of statistical tools designed to quantify effects (e.g., of marine reserves, human impacts, artificial reefs, phenotypic plasticity); (3) the development and application of meta-analysis as a tool to synthesize ecological data; and (4) restoration of Florida spring ecosystems and coral reefs. These projects have been supported by the Florida and National Sea Grant Programs (NOAA), the National Science Foundation, NSF’s National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, the Southwest Florida Water Management District, and the French-American Cultural Exchange.

Representative Publications

  1. Osenberg, CW, JS Shima, SL Miller, and AC Stier. 2011. Assessing effects of marine protected areas: confounding in space and possible solutions. Page 143-167, In J. Claudet (ed) Marine Protected Areas: A multidisciplinary approach. Cambridge University Press.
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