Matt Gitzendanner

Associate Scientist
Ph.D. Washington State University , 2000

301 C Dickinson Hall

Research Interests

Ziziphus celata conservation genetics

Ziziphus celata is a federally endangered shrub species restricted to a handful of populations in the Lake Wales Ridge of central Florida. I am currently investigating the genetic properties of Ziziphus, identifying both variation in natural populations, as well as providing data for the choice of individuals in introduced populations. Additionally, I am investigating the genetic mechanism that controls self incompatibility to facilitate the production of seedlings for introductions.

Lomatium phylogenetics

With about 90 species, the genus Lomatium is endemic to western North America. Species relationships within the genus are poorly understood. I am currently working on a molecular phylogenetic analysis of the genus. Using this phylogeny, I will focus on a small group of species that contains rare and widespread species and study the evolutionary dynamics leading to specieation as well as the population genetic factors effecting commonness.

Representative Publications

E. J. Meléndez-Ackerman, P. Speranza, W. J. Kress, L. Rohena, E. Toledo, C. Cortés, D. Treece, M. Gitzendanner, P. Soltis, and D. Soltis. 2005 Microevolutionary processes inferred from AFLP and morphological variation in Heliconia bihai (Heliconiaceae). International Journal of Plant Sciences 166: 781-794.

Mavrodiev, E. V., M. Tancing, A. M. Sherwood, M. A. Gitzendanner, J. Rocca, P. S. Soltis, D. E. Soltis. 2005. Phylogenetic relationships in Tragopogon L. (Asteraceae) based on ITS and ETS sequence data. International Journal of Plant Science 166: 117-133.

Mavrodiev, E. V., C. E. Edwards, D. C. Albach, M. A. Gitzendanner, P. S. Soltis, and D. E. Soltis. 2004. Phylogenetic Relationships in Subtribe Scorzonerinae (Asteraceae: Cichorioideae: Lactuceae) Based on ITS Sequence Data. Taxon 53: 699-712.

Gitzendanner, M.A., and P.S. Soltis. 2001. Genetic variation in rare and widespread Lomatium species (Apiaceae): a comparison of AFLP and SSCP data. Edinburgh Journal of Botany. 58:347-356.

Gitzendanner, M. A., and P. S. Soltis. 2000. Patterns of genetic variation in rare and widespread plant congeners. American Journal of Botany 87: 777-786.

Soltis, P. S., and M. A. Gitzendanner. 1999. Molecular systematics and the conservation of rare species. Conservation Biology 13: 471-483.

Kinloch, B. B. Jr., R. D. Westfall, E. E. White, M. A. Gitzendanner, G. E. Dupper, B. M. Foord, and P. D Hodgskiss. 1998. Genetics of Cronartium ribicola. IV. Population structure in western North America. Canadian Journal of Botany 76: 91-98.

Soltis, D. E., M. A. Gitzendanner, D. D. Strenge, and P. S. Soltis. 1997. Chloroplast DNA intraspecific phylogeography of plants from the Pacific Northwest. Plant Systematics and Evolution 206: 353-373.

Gitzendanner, M. A., E. E. White, B. M. Foord, G. E. Dupper, P. D. Hodgskiss, and B. B. Kinloch Jr. 1996. Genetics of Cronartium ribicola. III. Mating system. Canadian Journal of Botany 74: 1852-1859.

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