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Post Docs and Visitors

420 Carr Hall
417A Bartram
Interests: Evolutionary biology of host-parasite interactions.
Host: Marta Wayne
Dickinson Hall
352.392.1721 x708
218 Carr Hall
Interests: Diversification of Andean Orchids, Character evolution and morphological datasets
Host: John Burleigh
412 Carr Hall
Interests: Ecology, genetics and demography of sea turtles
Host: Karen Bjorndal
617 Bartram Hall
Interests: Computational epidemiology, stochastic modeling, dengue and influenza dynamics
Host: Juliet Pulliam
517A Bartram Hall
Interests: Phylogenomics, biogeography, avian systematics
Host: Rebecca Kimball
Interests: Community assembly and plant functional traits
Host: Jeremy Lichstein
352.392.1721 x232
437 CGRC
Interests: Plant Metabolomics
Host: Sixue Chen
411 Carr Hall
Interests: Community ecology, global change biology, plant-insect interactions
Host: Todd Palmer
421 Bartram Hall
Interests: Global carbon cycle with special focus on permafrost carbon, climate change, terrestrial ecosystems, soil C dynamics, soil incubation studies, ecological modeling
Host: Edward Schuur
527 Bartram Hall
Interests: Plant ecology and evolutionary biology. Specifically, the origins of polyploidy and how this impacts contemporary species distributions and genetic variation.
Host: Emily Sessa
321 Bartram Hall
Interests: Behavior biology and molecular biology
Host: Keith Choe
310 Carr Hall
Interests: Forest dynamics, disturbance in forest and aquatic ecosystems, global climate change.
Host: Jeremy Lichstein