Animal Care

Biology Animal Care Committee:

Colette St. Mary (chair)
Alan Bolten
Michael Frick
Harvey Lillywhite
Malcolm Maden

The committee oversees the use of animals in the Dept. of the Biology to the extent that they make available documents about the care and use of wild and unusual model vertebrates.  In particular, we focus on assembling materials on best practices for field research and laboratory research with wild vertebrates, as these are tangential to the focus of the UF Animal Care Services and the most frequently used animals in Biology.  We provide templates for the documentation of daily animal room checks and have established a repository for Standard Operating Procedures. Finally, members of the committee are available to advise members of the department as they prepare their IACUC protocols, consider housing/handling plans, or set up their animal space.

If you’re new to UF’s IACUC please visit their webpage and get started with Training and Animal Use. From the Training site you’ll be directed to basic required training as well as numerous online animal care and use training modules that may be of use to you.

Below are links to documents we have identified as potentially of use to you, in the course of your own research if you encounter documents that you find valuable please pass pdfs or urls to the committee chair.


For best practices in the use of wild vertebrates and unusual model species:
Our Sharepoint document site (including Templates)
The Association of Zoos and Aquariums Animal Care and Management site

For State of Florida permitting and related issues:
Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Licenses and Permits
FWC Wildlife & Habitats and follow links to e.g., Non-native species where they list non-native and invasive species and discuss the regulation of Conditional & Prohibited species.
FWC Rules & Regulations governing Captive Wildlife
FWC Information on the ethical interact with wildlife